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InShapeMD is here to help you meet your weight loss goal!  Our weight loss programs offer medical weight loss techniques.

Dr. A.T.W Simeons found that his patients, benefited from hormone therapy and a very low calorie diet and exhibited a reduction in their weight, as well as, an overall improvement in body composition. With our program our patients have seen success and we would like to help you meet your weight loss goals as well.

At InShapeMD, we have structured our Countdown program to give you the same transformation Dr Simeons saw in his patients-loss of Body Fat, improved energy, increased metabolism, and a change in eating habits/lifestyle!

When you come in to an InShapeMD location for your initial consultation, we’ll review your weight loss goals, medical history, and current eating regimen. From there we’ll suggest which program may work best for you and your budget. We’ll also make recommendations for our treatments that can help you with any cravings or dietary needs you may have while on your weight loss journey. Additionally, we’ll provide you with a suggested meal plan and ongoing nutritional guidance to ensure you stay on track toward your desired weight.

Schedule your Free Consultation today and be on your path to a new you!

We are proud to officially announce the roll-out of the 15-Day Detox Kit!

These kits are ideal for patients–

- in between cycles of our Countdown program

-experiencing digestive problems, constipation, or medical conditions such as kidney problems

-who have approached their goal weight

-seeking comprehensive wellness

Although this is a “detox kit,” it is incredibly mild and does not cause laxative-type side effects. Inside each kit are 30 packets of capsules/tablets…

Patients are advised to take one packet in the morning, and one again in the evening, for a total of 15 days.